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Junior Biological Microscopes XSP- 3A , XSP- 6A

 XSP- 3A 


 XSP- 6A 

XSP- 3A  XSP- 6A 
   Eyepiece WF 10 X      Fully coated optical system. Mechanical
      tube length 160mm.
   Achromatic objectives 4X, 10X, 40XS     Eyepiece H10 X, H12.5X. 
  Stage with paired clips and a disc
    Triple nosepiece.
  Focus by metal rack & pinion, the rack
   stop prevents damages to slides & 
    Separate fine & coarse focus by rack &
     pinion. The rack stop prevents damage
      to  slides & objectives.
  Ø42mm plano-concave mirror.      35mm achromatic 4X, 10X, 40XS. 
  Well-painted metal base & stand.     Ø50mm plano-concave mirror. 
  Each set in a foam in box, 10 boxes in 
   a carton. 



    Stage 110mm X 120mm, with paired 
     clips & diaphragm.
    Well-painted metal base and stand.
    Standard packing:
     Each set with a wooden case, 4 wooden 
     cases in a carton. 
The case with a
     bottom screw for locking  the microscope
    Packing for option:
     Each set in a foam in a box, 4 boxes in a 

Specifications and design subject to change, subject to contract.