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--->XJL-101 & XJL-201 Wafer Inspection Microscopes

XJL-101,  XJL-201 series the reflected light microscope is suitable to observe the microscopical surfaces of non-transparent object.  It is equipped with large move range stage,  vertical illumination, plan achromatic objectives and wide-field eyepieces.  It provides clear and high-contrast picture, and with polarizer device. It is the ideal instrument in research work in metallography,  mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics etc.  It's suitable for scientific research, teaching demonstration in the colleges and factory.

XJL101   XJL201

Model --->     



XJL201 XJL201-A
       Module & Spec.        


Wide field



Plan dividing

  10X (0.10mm /div )



Objectives Plan achromatic
( No cover glass )


Work distance

  PL5X/0.12 18.3

  PL10X/0.25 8.9

  PL25X/0.40 8.7

  PL40X/0.60 3.7
  PL50X/0.70 2.02



  PL80X0.80 0.96

Eyepieces tube Trinocular Compensation 
( inclination of 30< )
Including analyzer

Stage Size: 250x250mm can be move quickly.
Move Range: 153x153mm
Size: 274x274mm can be move quickly.
Move Range: 203x203mm
Nosepiece Backward inner locating on ball bearing Quintuple


CCD Camera

0.4X CCD Camera adapter

CCD Camera adapter

0.5X CCD Camera adapter with dividing

CCD Camera

Illumination unit

  Vertical  illuminator 6V 20W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness, with polarizer

Digital Camera  Adapter CCD camera and accessories

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