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    XLE-3 10" Wafer Inspection Microscopes

      The XLE-3 series reflected light inspection microscope is the newest medium inspection microscope in China. The adoption of reflected coaxial illumination ensures the bright-field observation. It can be connected with 135 camera, digital camera and image quantitative analysis. This instrument is suitable for the inspection requirements of a variety of electronic components including magnetic heads, LCD, and semiconductors. Its compact size, ease of operation, 10" x 10" stage travel and cost-effectiveness makes the XLE-3 an ideal inspection microscope offering superb operational versatility. The instrument is equipped with plan objective and wide-field eyepiece and obtains clear and smooth image. The unique character is the super large stage which can make quick-handed and knob-fine movement. The samples on the stage can be moved vertically and horizontally.

        Technological Parameter
1  Objective  (Quadruple Nosepiece)
Objective N.A. Effective Working Distance Medium
4X 0.10 17.912mm Dry
10X 0.25 6.544mm Dry
20X 0.40 1.05mm Dry
40X 0.65 0.736mm Dry
2  Eyepiece : WF10X (Field diameter: 18mm)
3  Total magnification: 40X-400X
4  Size of the stage : 304mm X 424mm
5  Vertical movement : 254mm
6  Horizontal movement: 254mm
7  110V or 220V / 12V, 50W Illumination
8  Built in polarizing unit