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--->2003XJ High End 8" Wafer Inspection Microscopes

1  Optic System: Infinity optic system and Its EPI Illuminator
2  Tube Lens Focusing Distance: f=200mm
 Bright/Dark field plan Semi-APO Objectives, parfocus 45MM:
 5/0.1,  10/0.25,  20/0.40,  40/0.65,  60X/0.85(APO)
4  Optional bright/Dark field plan APO objectives 100/0.9(dry)150/1.25(Water)
5  Eyepiece: ESWF10X/25MM high eye point
 Stage: Large mechanical stage with glass plate
 (Size: 200 x 180mm) and moving range 156mm x 150mm)
 EPI Illuminator:
 12V/50W Halogen lamp with field diaphragm & Iris diaphragm, with polarizer & analyzer
8  Coaxial coarse/Fine focus system with coaxial coarse focus moving range 45mm
 Compensation binocular and trinocular head (inclination of 30).
 The inside diameter of Eyepiece tube is 30mm
10  Nosepiece: Quintuple, thread of objective is M27 X 0.75
11  Optional transmitted light source with collector lens and abbe condenser will be available
12  Outside dimension of microscope: 540360458mm (LWH)
13  Power Supply 220V or 110V