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XZB-2/3 Gemological Microscope  

XZB-2 Binocular Model


XZB-3 Trinocular Model

  Standard Outfits

1. Paired WF10X/20mm Eyepiece
2. Interpupillary Adjustment Range:55-75mm
3. Stereo Zoom Magnification Range: 7x to 45x
4. Gemological Tweezers
5. 8W Fluorescent Gemological Lamp (6000K Color Temperature)
6. 12V/30W Transmitted Light Source
7. Fiber Optic Cable Oblique Illuminator.
8. Microscope Arm can be moved from 00 to 450 for adjusting the angle and height of microscope to get comfortable operation.

Optional Accessories:


1. WF5X, WF12.5X, WF15X, WF20X, WF25X eyepiece
2. SWF10X/23mm eyepiece
3. 10X, DIA.20MM reticle eyepiece
4. CCD video adapter (0.5X or 1X)
5. Digital Camera Adapter
  Items and specification subject to change,
please contact ALLTION for current product information