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XYJ  Colposcopes

 SZ7 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Zoom microscope give you correct magnification
  and field of view at all times
Full range of magnification : 3x to 20x
Working distance: 300mm
Working height: 850mm - 1150mm
halogen fiber optic light source with continuous  
Power requirement: 2A/1A  120V / 220V AC
21V / 150W halogen lamp 
5-point base for stability, maneuverability
Built-in green filter
Vide option available 

Zoom Setting
 Eyepiece: WF15x
 Objective lens:  0.3x
 Working Distance: 300mm
 Mag. power  Field of view
 0.65x  3.0x  73.5
 1x  4.5x  48
 1.5x  6.8x  32
 2x  9x  24
 2.5x  11.2x  19.2
 3x  13.5x  16
 3.5x  15.8x  13.7
 4x  18x  12
 4.5x  20.2x   10.7