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Our FDA Number is 3003969012
YDJ-IIA Dual Lamps Colposcope

Fixed 45ˇăinclinde binocular head
Wide field 16X eyepieces
Smooth five-step turret magnification changer
270mm work distance objective lens offering 2.9x, 4.7x, 7.1x, 10.8x, 17.8x,magnifications
Field diameter: 84mm, 51.1mm, 33.6mm, 22mm, 13.4mm
Optional magnifications/objective lens combinations are available
Light intensity on object plane: 30,000.00 Lux Min
Fan cooled,**fiber optic coaxial illumination with dual 15V/150W lamps controlled by quick-change knob
**should a lamp fail during an examination, the quick-change knob allows a quick change from one lamp to another resulting in an uninterrupted procedure
Green filter and Blue filter with selector lever.
Ergonomic Rheostat Light Adjustment allows users to adjust the brightness of the illuminator just sitting on the chair.
Video accessories available (see accessory page).
Ergonomic Rheostat Light Adjustment allows user to adjust the brightness of the illuminator just sitting on the chair
Optional Accessories:
20X Eyepiece
230mm Objective Lens
Beam Splitter
Video Adapter
Monocular Assistant Scope
Colposcope image collecting and processing system
MH-50 Metal Halide Cold Light Source with the bulb of about 2000 hours lift span gives strong white color illumination (200,000 Lux)
XD-300 250W Xenon Cold Light Source Provides bright, white, daylight temperature (5500 degree K) and illumination (5,800,000 Lux) for critical viewing and photography. It is an excellent choice especially for digital cameras.

Items and specification subject to change,
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