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The softwares are supplied from our partner in India,
which is a famous company of Micro-image Process Software

Soffware Copyright Registration No. SW-2473/205 with Govt. of India
All our softwares are available on following languages:

  1. German
2. French
3. Japnese
4. Chinese
5. Polish
6. Turkish
7. Chinese
8. Spanish
9. Romania
10. Ukrenian
The software is meant for Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Oncology, Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, hostopathology, Cytology, Orthodensity, Anatomy, Leaf analysis Root Analysis, Sperm morphology, Genetics, Chromosome study, biotechnology, fishery, horticulture Cell Morphology, Food industry, Breavarage industry, Colony counting, Cosmetic surgery, STD Lab, Malaria eradication.
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The software is used in metallurgical Lab to study power metallurgy, To study Metallurgical Microstuctures, Cast lron industry, Carbon steel industry, Grain in carbon steel industry, Copper Brass industry, Aluminum casting industry, effective casae depth measurement, Decarburization measurement, Niteiding layer, Coating thickness, carburized layers measurement, Graphite flakes Analysis, pearlite/Ferrite/Carbide/ Retain Austenilo, Porosiry in Aluminum casting, porosity in steel, crack measurement etc.
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The software is designed for specific needs to know weld-peneratration of two metal in Automobile and micro welding industry.
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The software is useful for macro & Micro hardness Testing. The available methods are Brinell, Vicker & Knoop measurement.
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The software is used in liquid crystal study, Polymer industry, Petrological Lab, Electronic industry, PCB boarb industry, Coating thickness measurement, Electroplating Industry, Pulp industry, Asbestos industry, Rice grain industry, precision engineering industry, semiconductor industry, Pollution control lab, water testing lab, Distallaries, chemical industry, Paint industry, Plastic industry, Cosmetic industry, Petrological Industries, Microfilters industry, Petroleum products industry, Particle size measurement.
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This software is dedicated to only TEXTILE industry, TEXTILE research institute, TEXTILE testing labs.
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This software is most economical, simple, user friendly for Metallurgical. Dept in Universities, Polytechnique & Engineering Colleges.
This software is specially designed for Pharmacauted industry, Pharmacies, Pharmacology dept. to analysis and measures various parameters of PARTICLES.
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